HVE Dental Instruments Problems & Solutions

A Review Of Common HVE Problems Safe-Vac Solves

Beyond providing patients added comfort and safety, Safe-Vac dental instruments are a valuable asset for dentists when performing routine dental procedures. Learn more about common problems encountered by dentists and how our HVE dental products help you save time, money and effort. Our products are available at all major dental supply companies.

HVE Problem

Sharp end on all current HVE systems cause tissue trauma and lacerations inadvertently

Safe-Vac Solution

Soft yet rigid cushioned tip that is comfortable for patients and prevents tissue trauma and lacerations

HVE Problem

Current HVE systems get blocked during certain dental procedures and are inefficient and can cause delays

Safe-Vac Solution

Internal screen allows obstruction to be cleared easily with out delaying procedure

HVE Problem

Certain restorative components and grafts (tissue and bone) inadvertently suctioned and potentially lost

Safe-Vac Solution

Internal screen prevents the loss and helps aid during many restorative procedures and also during grafting procedures

Safe-Vac Bonus Features

Safe-Vac Bonus Feature

Can help aide during try-in and seat of certain restorative components and indirect restorations by leaving the suction on and having the auxillary work adjacent next to the area. This reduces the potential of a restorative component or restoration being inadvertently swallowed by patients and us dentists potentially liable.

Safe-Vac Bonus Feature

Can be utilized to etch and prepare certain small porcelain restorations directly inside the suction unit without having to utilize a separate apparatus or area. Just place the restoration directly inside the unit and prepare it there with the suction unit on.



Safe-Vac the new standard for high speed evacuation throughout the world.


Provide a high quality product that enables dentists all over the world to deliver safer and more efficient dental care to their patients.



Our company is always focused on conducting our business in a manner that separates us from the competition. We will always address you in the most professional manner and deliver as professionals as well.


Delivering a product that does everything Safe-Vac is stated to do and more. Over delivering and under stating.


Our Product was created because of the concern that there was a better way to do high speed evacuation that would be safer for patients.


We would like our business, as well as all dental businesses, to be based on achieving their highest goals. By creating a product that enhances the ability of all dental providers to provide safer and more efficient care our goal is to become the only high speed suction in the world that is ordered by all clinicians period.


Our Product, made in the USA, is manufactured in a precise manner using only FDA approved (non-latex) materials.


Our product is designed to provide safer dental care for patients.

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